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Storm Strike Security & Labor Relations

What You Need To Do Before Labor Problems Start

  • Call Storm Security! 
    Don’t wait until your problems escalate to call us. Good preparation allow you to negotiate from a position of strength and confidence, and in many cases, avoid a labor dispute completely. STORM SECURITY will recommend manpower needs, discuss public relations issues, establish security guidelines and Storm Securitytake any additional security measures to assure your continued operation in the event of a work stoppage.
  • Plan Ahead To Avoid Emergencies
    Your management team can relax knowing everyone is in good hands and that contingency plans are in place including your day-to-day transportation needs, lodging requirements and executive protection concerns.

Storm Security’s management team is ready to serve you thus allowing you to concentrate on resolving the dispute at hand, in an atmosphere of confidence, safety and security.

Remember, Storm Security is one of the premier security agencies in the United States specializing in strike security for over 40 years.

Since 1975, Storm Security has been protecting industries and service organizations across the country.  Our management team and on-site personnel have worked with a diverse range of labor situations over the years.

Our depth of experience enables you to prepare for virtually all possible scenarios, which means you save precious time, reduce losses or preserve profits and have better control of public relations issues.

Our diversity enables us to adapt to your corporate culture, and offer a wide range of services as your needs change.  Our flexibility and reliability means you get just the right services when you need them.

Storm Security’s highly trained professionals assume total operational control of stressful situations, allowing non-union employees and management alike to operate in an environment of comfort, confidence and security.  This calm, precise control gives you an added edge during labor negotiations, maintains your company’s professional image and helps business continuity.

Our staff’s knowledge, attitude and appearance often help to diffuse tense situations.  Maintaining a calm sense of control improves your public relations efforts and increases morale.