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Wireless 2000 Annunciator System


Optex Wireless 2000 Annunciator System,  Motion alert system

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Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway Annunciator System

No more surprises!
Wireless driveway annunciator monitors your property 24 hours a day to detect approaching vehicles and people, giving you time to prepare.Storm security wireless driveway Annunciator

No more missed visitors or deliveries!
Wireless 2000 serves as a welcome chime or perimeter alert for your home or shop.

No more hard to reach switches!
Wireless 2000 works as a convenient wireless switch for activating a variety of electric equipment (e.g. doorstrikes / magnetic locks, lights, sirens, motors).

Simple, automated set-up
Setup is simple! Just two buttons perform all set up functions.

Design Versatility

  • Specially designed sensor mounts easily on walls, ceilings, fenceposts, desktops, etc.
  • Weatherproof design of sensor allows outdoor use.
  • Two detection patterns: 50ft Long Range and 17ft. Fan Pattern
  • Detection pattern adjusts easily for perfect aiming.
  • Receivers mount on wall or desktop

Description: RC-20U Chime Box with Relay

  • Accepts 9 transmitters, identifies each group of three with different chime tone
  • Operates with 9VDC adapter (included)
  • Wall mount or table mount design
  • Form C relay for activating other devices (50V AC 1A max, ot 24V DC 1A max) with adjustable output duration

Description: TD-20U Sensor Transmitter

  • 2000 Ft transmission range (line of sight)
  • Uses passive infrared to detect motion and send RF signals to receivers
  • Weather proof housing (IP54 rating) for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Choose 50ft Long Range or 17ft Fan (wide) detection pattern
  • Operates on a 9V lithium alkaline battery

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