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Freedom Alert 2-way Emergency Pendant communicator


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2-Way Emergency PendantFreedom Alert 2-way Emergency Pendant  

Freedom Alert 2-way Emergency Pendant  allows you to contact family and friends at the click of a button. It is the first programmable, 2-way voice communication emergency pendant that quickly puts you in contact with up to four relatives, neighbors or friends should you need it.  All at the touch of a button.  And if your programmed contacts are unreachable, FreedomAlert can be programmed to dial a 911 operator.

You never need to wonder if the system is working or not. FreedomAlert comes with a test function and the simple touch of a button gives you a dial tone and instant assurance that the system is working.

Features & Benefits of  the Life Alert 2-way Emergency Pendant
  • No monthly fees,  no activation fee, no long-term contracts
  • Two – way programmable system allows you to talk directly to relatives,
    neighbors or friends with an automatic default to a 911 operator
  •  Comes with two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and an
    emergency back-up battery for the base station.
  • Includes a lanyard and a belt clip
  • Test button so that you know that the system is working and within range.

Additional Information

  • Up to 16 2-way Emergency pendants can be matched to a base unit
  • System has standby emergency battery power
  • Fully supervised system
  • Voice prompted system
  • Pendant battery
  • Water resistant
  • Fully portable

Standard Warranty
1 Year manufacture warranty


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