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Our Team

StormFamillySince 1975, STORM SECURITY has been protecting industries and organizations across America with distinction. Our management team and on-site personnel continue to work successfully in a diverse range of labor situations. With a depth of experience that enables customers to prepare for virtually all possible scenarios. As a result, our clients save precious time, reduce losses, preserve profits and have better control of public relations issues from the onset of work stoppage or other problematic concerns.

Today, Storm’s Security’s administrative team consists of Gail Storm President, James Storm Vice President, and Richard Storm Vice President, They have been in the leadership of “Storm” since 1975 in various positions.  R. Harold Storm, founder, lead the company until his death in 2001 with distinction and success.

Phil Storm was at the helm of security operations throughout 26 states for 30 years until his sudden passing in 2015. “Storm” continues to maintain a corps of multi-state personnel for a variety of top industries, businesses, and residential concerns as well as maintaining day-to-day operations from our home office in London, Kentucky.

Mark McDaniel and John P. Storm II have stepped up as the 3rd generation to lead security operations for Storm Security.  They are excited about the future of our family security business and share our philosophy of delivering the best, most reliable service to our clientele.  “Storm” has replaced some national security organizations on major projects due to providing superior service, under the leadership of Mark and John.